What is Green?

Mowing, mowing green grass.  Your mind has time to prioritize while looking at all the green.  What to bake, what to bake?

So, I made cake pops. strawberry cake covered in white chocolate.  Yummy!  They are under 200 calories each.  Who’s excited!  I’m taking orders.  Thanks Lankfords for your order.

What is green, I ask?  Awww, Miss Princess,  it’s a color (duh)!, it’s an environmental catch phrase and finally, it is an astoundingly magical cake.  Green Coconut Cake.

Back  in high school I dated a guy, who had the prettiest, blue eyes I had ever seen.  I understand he is a very successful engineer and important in his field.  We all like to hear of local boys doing well, don’t we?  His mother’s name was Eloise. She was from rural Alabama, sweet, soft spoken, a great cook and a great mother to three kids.  Eloise made a magical Green Coconut Cake.  Now she never claimed it to be magical, but I will share my reason for the title.  That is where our fairy tale begins.

Once upon a time … A boy comes over to hangout with a princess after dinner and he was excited, but not by me mind you.  He tells the princess, “My mama brought home a coconut today.”  The princess had no idea to the significance the fruit.  “It means, he said,  that my mama will be making a Green Coconut Cake”. So the princess asked, “what makes it so special? Is it green in color?”   “No, he said, it’s fresh coconut,  it takes a lot of time to cut the coconut up and then make the cake.  I can’t wait!”

So this princess went to the mother and became privy to the process.  She had the biggest knife I had ever seen.  She cut that coconut up by hand, no cruissinart, it took a long, long time.  Now I don’t remember what kind of cake or icing, but I do remember that it was moist, delicious and not too sweet.  That’s not where the magic existed. Could the princess find the magic?

The people in Eloise’s house were not young children, so it wasn’t Christmas magic.  There were grown, some even out of the house.  I remember the boy talking to his brother on the phone, “mama brought a coconut home today,  I know, I can’t wait either”.  Wow, the excitement.

Here’s where the magic came in,  wait for it…. THEY ALL CAME HOME!  The entire family wanted to see Eloise cut the first piece, the anticipation was thrilling.  That was her magic.  What mother doesn’t want her children home?

Now as a mom of men, myself, I don’t have a magic recipe! Wow, to find that magic now. Priceless.

Do you have a magic recipe that makes your kids come home?  Share them with me.

Eloise went on to her great reward in 2008.  But I have a feeling that when it’s her children’s time to meet her, she will probably say, “I brought home a coconut today.”

Hope this made you smile.  Love ya, mean it, Elizabeth.


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