Everyday is a gift

Sentiment not withstanding, truer words were never spoken.  Today is a day of purpose you should fill with love, forgiveness and lots of humor.  I love to bake, I have since i was a child.  The very first book I bought from scholastic in school was The Peanuts Cookbook.  It gave simple and easy to understand directions for things like scrambled eggs,  hard candy and cakes!  Did I mention Cakes?  As a child ,my family lived on a military base.  So at payday my mother would buy groceries at the commissionary for the month.  She had her precise list and this six year old had hers.  Had to make sure we bought more flour, more sugar, more powdered sugar and oleo (google it if you don’t have a clue.). There were no dishwashers in the average kitchen, so you would see me with a chair backward to the sink, washing the dishes, pans and utensils I had used.  No complaining, I loved the preparation, the baking and decoration process.  The only thing I disliked was waiting for the cake to be eaten, so I could make more.  I learned to read by Dick and Jane and all the recipes in the newspapers I could get my hands on!  My mom drew the line when I wanted to make creme’ brûlée.  In her own words, some day you will have your own home that you can burn down!

My next post will begin my journey through baking.   Love ya, mean it!  Elizabeth


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