Here comes the Bride

Ah, the romance,the feeling of walking on air.  What actually makes a Wedding?  The families, the flowers, the music, the families, the pictures, the smiles and again, the families. I fortunately have not had my boys to the alter with a bride, So, I am far from an expert, just because I am married, doesn’t make more knowledgable.  Far from it!

Recently, one of my middle son’s childhood friend took the plunge and I was privileged to make her cakes.  The groom is a big Beatles fan so, the cake was a guitar and a 45lp record decorated the cream cheese buttercream over carrot cake.

The bride requested a three tier mint colored, fondant covered strawberry cake.image

The bride was lovely in an ivory strapless, flowing gown.  The bridesmaids wore mint one sleeve gowns, the flower girl wore a gold, beige tulle dress. That precious child had curly, flaming red hair.  The best dressed amongst them was the brides one year old nephew.  He was dapper in a suspendered short outfit with a bow tie and matching hat. The best part was that he was pulled down the aisle in a wagon!  The bride’s father presided over the ceremony, so needless to say it was far from serious.  What a comedian.  The bride’s mother and grandmother worked their tails off.  The food was yummy and the decor was simple and elegant.

its all about the families.  Hope it made you smile.  Love ya, mean it

It’s an ADDICTION!!!

There are no 12 step programs available, no support group meetings.  It’s the rush, the thrill, you take a small bite and it rushes to your brain,  What a feeling, you know it, I dream about it.  It’s chocolate!

Forrest Gum said it best,  “my momma always said, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.”   But the plus is you still get chocolate.  It’s a versatile rush coming in the form of cake, brownies, cookies and candy.  Sometimes a combination of those at the same time.  Expensive or cheap, I love it all.

Last week I made a 4 layer milk chocolate cake with buttercream icing and chocolate chips. It was gone, to say the least almost as quick as it took to make it!

Chocolate is a wonderful drug.  It’s comfort food, soothing to the senses.  The smell alone makes your mouth water.

A friend of mine recently went to Pigeon Forge to Paula Dean’s new restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  It was what she brought back that had me hooked.  My friend had brought back what looked like a pound of butter with Paula Deans picture on it.   When did Paula Dean start making butter?  Then I read the package, it was four quarter pounds of chocolate.   You can slice it as thick or thin as you would like.  Or you can eat it the Miss Princess way, unwrap and devour.

Life is short, eat more chocolate.  It’s pretty simple, as life should be.

Hope it made you smile.  Love you mean it.

What is Green?

Mowing, mowing green grass.  Your mind has time to prioritize while looking at all the green.  What to bake, what to bake?

So, I made cake pops. strawberry cake covered in white chocolate.  Yummy!  They are under 200 calories each.  Who’s excited!  I’m taking orders.  Thanks Lankfords for your order.

What is green, I ask?  Awww, Miss Princess,  it’s a color (duh)!, it’s an environmental catch phrase and finally, it is an astoundingly magical cake.  Green Coconut Cake.

Back  in high school I dated a guy, who had the prettiest, blue eyes I had ever seen.  I understand he is a very successful engineer and important in his field.  We all like to hear of local boys doing well, don’t we?  His mother’s name was Eloise. She was from rural Alabama, sweet, soft spoken, a great cook and a great mother to three kids.  Eloise made a magical Green Coconut Cake.  Now she never claimed it to be magical, but I will share my reason for the title.  That is where our fairy tale begins.

Once upon a time … A boy comes over to hangout with a princess after dinner and he was excited, but not by me mind you.  He tells the princess, “My mama brought home a coconut today.”  The princess had no idea to the significance the fruit.  “It means, he said,  that my mama will be making a Green Coconut Cake”. So the princess asked, “what makes it so special? Is it green in color?”   “No, he said, it’s fresh coconut,  it takes a lot of time to cut the coconut up and then make the cake.  I can’t wait!”

So this princess went to the mother and became privy to the process.  She had the biggest knife I had ever seen.  She cut that coconut up by hand, no cruissinart, it took a long, long time.  Now I don’t remember what kind of cake or icing, but I do remember that it was moist, delicious and not too sweet.  That’s not where the magic existed. Could the princess find the magic?

The people in Eloise’s house were not young children, so it wasn’t Christmas magic.  There were grown, some even out of the house.  I remember the boy talking to his brother on the phone, “mama brought a coconut home today,  I know, I can’t wait either”.  Wow, the excitement.

Here’s where the magic came in,  wait for it…. THEY ALL CAME HOME!  The entire family wanted to see Eloise cut the first piece, the anticipation was thrilling.  That was her magic.  What mother doesn’t want her children home?

Now as a mom of men, myself, I don’t have a magic recipe! Wow, to find that magic now. Priceless.

Do you have a magic recipe that makes your kids come home?  Share them with me.

Eloise went on to her great reward in 2008.  But I have a feeling that when it’s her children’s time to meet her, she will probably say, “I brought home a coconut today.”

Hope this made you smile.  Love ya, mean it, Elizabeth.

It can’t be July already!


Well, the Fourth of July came and went. Yah fireworks!  I made some cookies for a get together (see picture) and also made strawberry blueberry shortcakes.  I used a recipe called Lulu cake and baked them individually in large cupcake pans.  (See picture).  Tooooo good!  It’s great to have fresh fruit this time of year.  Which brings me to blackberries!  It brings thoughts of long sleeves and long pants, ouch!  But aren’t they delicious in cobblers?  Share your different additions you use in your cobblers, I’d love to hear them.

I love summertime!  I always enjoyed June bugs and fireflies.  There is a spot in me that wants to be five again.   You know, Easy Bake oven, five years old.  Wasn’t it amazing to watch that lightbulb (and watch and watch) to produce a tiny layer cake with homemade fudge frosting.  I would beg my mama to let me make a whole batch of icing, even though I only used a small amount for the cake. After all, a girl needs to lick the bowl!  Everyone likes a sugar rush.  Hope it made you smile.   Love ya, mean it,   Elizabeth

Everyday is a gift

Sentiment not withstanding, truer words were never spoken.  Today is a day of purpose you should fill with love, forgiveness and lots of humor.  I love to bake, I have since i was a child.  The very first book I bought from scholastic in school was The Peanuts Cookbook.  It gave simple and easy to understand directions for things like scrambled eggs,  hard candy and cakes!  Did I mention Cakes?  As a child ,my family lived on a military base.  So at payday my mother would buy groceries at the commissionary for the month.  She had her precise list and this six year old had hers.  Had to make sure we bought more flour, more sugar, more powdered sugar and oleo (google it if you don’t have a clue.). There were no dishwashers in the average kitchen, so you would see me with a chair backward to the sink, washing the dishes, pans and utensils I had used.  No complaining, I loved the preparation, the baking and decoration process.  The only thing I disliked was waiting for the cake to be eaten, so I could make more.  I learned to read by Dick and Jane and all the recipes in the newspapers I could get my hands on!  My mom drew the line when I wanted to make creme’ brûlée.  In her own words, some day you will have your own home that you can burn down!

My next post will begin my journey through baking.   Love ya, mean it!  Elizabeth